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Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi, in the Chiesa San Francesco in Asciano [1]


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Music festival Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi | 2017


Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi is an annual music festival under the artistic direction of Philippe Herreweghe in the beautiful region of the Crete Senesi in Tuscany.
2017 promises to be a special year: the year in which artistic director Philippe Herreweghe celebrates its 70 years and in which the world is celebrating the Monteverdi-year (Claudio Monteverdi was born 450 years ago).
The Festival Accademia delle Crete Senesi, was founded by Philippe Herreweghe. [1]


06 - 11 AUG 2017


Edding Quartet. Release video by Benjamin Travade on our Beethoven op.130 recording,
filmed in the Chiesa San Francesco in Asciano

On August 7 the Edding Quartet performs the Mozart String Quintet KV516 in the Chiesa San Francesco in Asciano, and on August 11th in the Chiesa Santo Stefano in Castelmuzio Beethovens Stringquartet op. 132


In 1970, Philippe Herreweghe founded the Ghent choir Collegium Vocale Gent. They were one of the first ensembles to use new ideas about baroque performance practice in vocal music. Authenticity is the core concept on which we measure the value of music.
About this historical execution practice, Bert Schreurs, general director of the company, writes

What we can do is to try to rid musical tradition of the ‘noise’ that inevitably arises in the transfer from one generation of musicians to the next, with utmost care and precision. This basic attitude is of essential importance and is embedded in the concept of authenticity. Accordingly, authenticity in its original sense of ‘made with one’s own hands’ (…).

Stefan Hertmans wrote very beautifully about this question for the occasion of Philippe Herreweghe’s 70th birthday in his text Omzichtige Radicaliteit (Prudent Radicalness’):

‘what is authentic is the attention to detail in the score, to understand what is on the page – not so much all the vague idealistic notions about what the intention can be, but what is concretely expected of the performer from measure to measure. Of course, this also assumes context – cultural context, historical context, an understanding of the framework in which a given musical idea developed – but its core remains an ascetic interest in the concrete, or even more so: an interest that refuses to appropriate the historicizing intentions of the music …. It assumes subservience and sovereignty in one.'

2017 marks the Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi festival with a special anniversary program.



Special event will be the performance of Claudio Monteverdi’s Maria Vespers by Collegium Vocale Gent and Philippe Herreweghe in the beautiful setting of the Sant’ Anna in Camprena monastery. Look for the beautiful frescos by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi (Il Sodoma) in its Refectory.


Mappa Monastero di Sant'Anna in Camprena | Ingrandire mappa




2017 marked the Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi festival with a special anniversary program. For the first time, there is also a masterclass under the inspirational leadership of Philippe Herreweghe and Stefan Hertmans. Three universities, VUB, ULB, UGent and Tomorrow's Legacy program at EY Belgium combine the forces and bring together some of their students to immerse themselves in a culture bath in Asciano for 6 days.


Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi |

Foto Impresion by Michiel Hendryckx

The Art of the Harpsichord in the 21st Century | Piccola Accademia di Montisi |

Located in a hilltop medieval village in southern Tuscany, the Piccola Accademia di Montisi has been founded to provide a center of inspiration for musicians worldwide who have an interest in the harpsichord, its repertoire and its history.

Piccola Accademia Summer Concerts 2017
Ketil Haugs and at La Cura, Montisi, July 11
Christophe Rousset at La Cura, Montisi, July 18
Jean Rondeau and Thomas Dunford at Pieve di Santo Stefano, Castelmuzio, August 1

The AmiataPiano Festival has been founded in 2005 on the slopes of Monte Amiata. The AmiataPianoFestival is organized by the Nuova Amiata Emozioni Association with the support of the Bertarelli Foundation. Since 2011 the artistic director of the festival as a whole was entrusted to Maurizio Baglini.
Claudio Tipa and Maria Iris Tipa Bertarelli, oversee the Bertarelli Foundation, active since 2009, which handles the promo- tion of the Tuscan region through contributions from the art world (such as the Forum, just opened in Montecucco to host concerts and classical music festivals) and environmental, archaeological, and architectural re-storation.

Forum Fondazione Bertarell Sassdo d'Ombrone, Cinigianoi. Più informazione e mappa.
Programma |

Casa vacanze in Toscana
Podere Santa Pia is a beautiful stone farmhouse south of Montalcino, and only 2 km away from Castiglioncello Bandini. The main house is spacious, comfortable and offers its guests a breathtaking view over the Maremma hills. It is the ideal location for those who wish to enjoy total privacy.
Podere Santa Pia provides for a truly relaxing and authentic experience of living the ‘Italian dream’: whether as a family holiday or for a celebratory event, the stunning location and the attention to detail creates an ambience that captures the true spirit of being a guest in Tuscany.

Turismo in Toscana | Case vacanze | Podere Santa Pia




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Album Crete Senesi    



Monastero di Sant'Anna in Camprena, cortile
Paolo Monti - Servizio fotografico (Asciano, 1965) - BEIC 6328809   Crete Senesi Calanchi

Album Monastero di Sant'Anna in Camprena


Album Monastero di Monte Oliveto Maggiore


  Biancane nelle Crete Senesi vicino a Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Monte Oliveto 381   Monte Oliveto 310  
Monte oliveto maggiore, chiesa, ext. 05

Monte Oliveto Maggiore


  Monte Oliveto Maggiore  
Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Campanile
Collegiata di Sant'Agata Asciano   Collegiata di Sant'Agata (Asciano), int. 01   Chiesa San Francesco, Ascano
Abside della Collegiata di Sant'Agata (Asciano)   Interiore della Collegiata di Sant'Agata (Asciano)  

Chiesa San Francesco, Ascano


Pieve Santo Stefano a Cennano 13      

Castelmuzio, Pieve Santo Stefano a Cennano


Fondazione Bertarell Sasso d'Ombrone, Cinigiano


Podere Santa Pia is an artistic property, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the splendor of the Maremma hills of southern Tuscany. This formal cloister offers the quiet tranquility of a private retreat, with numerous attractions, beautiful nature reserves and unspoilt beautiful beaches within easy reach.


[1] Photo by Michiel Hendryckx. Source: